About the Book

Miracle, the Amazingly Determined Happy Dreamer is a whimsical book told through the eyes of a precocious six-year-old girl. She shares with the readers her struggles and emotions associated with being an Amazingly Determined Happy Dreamer. There are times when Miracle needs help managing her emotions. This is when she turns to Dr. C. for coping skills. Despite Miracle’s challenges, she is determined to be the BEST “Amazingly Determined Happy Dreamer” that she can be.


I read your book and I have to say, it is well put together from the script all the way to the illustrations! It’s such an adorable educational book on how to embrace what you were born with, and always BE YOU! I actually saw my self in that book a little ☺️🫶🏽. I’m so proud of you Nanny !! I love you and I look forward to more to come! Also my nephews, ages 11 and 9, read it as well and they said it was good!

This is absolutely good, will there be more books with her progression? I use to clown and say it, I literally was just talking to someone about this page with myself.

An amazing book that is a must-read for elementary students. The author, Dr. Bellow, writes an amazing story using Miracle to tell of conquer and success. If your little one suffers from ADHD, this is an awesome book to purchase. The illustrations are illuminating and magnificent.

-Lennise, Former Nola ELA Teacher

I absolutely loved this cute, educational book on embracing what you were born with! I encourage every child to read this book….10/10 for sure!


Awesome book and great illustrations!


This book has amazingly adorable graphics and such a cute story line. Miracle’s pov through out the book gives such a great insight into the mind of amazingly determined happy dreamers like herself. 10/10 recommend for your littles!


The author captures and keeps the readers attention from the beginning, and the illustrations brings the story to life. Highly recommend!


Such a cute book!


This book is so cute. The pictures are eye catching and this is very informative as it explains different tools and techniques to help those with ADHD overcome obstacles they find challenging. This is a must buy.


This book is brightly illustrated which captures the eyes of young readers. I love the way the author shares easy affirming and calming techniques the entire family can use to help a sibling who is dealing with ADHD. Highly recommended!